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Cervantes Casting
is an outfit with eighteen years of experience specializing in commercials, music videos, short films and documentaries. She has worked with many of the industry’s top directors who rely on her to find the right person to make their job shine. Whether you are casting for actor driven projects, comedy, extreme sports or unusual skills, beauty, quirky faces or the completely unexpected: she will find it! Known as something of the real people casting maven throughout the industry, and the one to call for remote locations, she also maintains an outstanding distinction for both union and non-union studio casting.

Cervantes Casting leaves no stone unturned in finding the most obscure and elusive jewel in the veritable haystack. With a reputation for going above and beyond the realms of normal studio casting, Cervantes has a "by any means necessary" approach to her work.  Whatever it is you need, she delivers. Her worldwide travels and experience of living abroad for 8 years, has fueled her moxie and comfort level with people of all different cultures, languages and historical backgrounds. In addition to providing full-service casting in the studio, she offers full- service remote casting worldwide.
Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere.

Please visit her photography website: www.tonicervantesphotography.com


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